Janine Phillips Africa

Janine Africa served as Minister of Education for the MOVE Organization. Her daugher, Life Africa, was killed at three weeks old by the Philadelphia police.  She was later caught in the police raid of the MOVE house where she and eight others were wrongfully convicted of the murder of a police officer who was killed by friendly fire during the raid.  She has served 40 years in prison despite her innocence.  Learn more about the MOVE 9 and what you can do to help free Janine at MOVE 9 Parole.

Delbert Orr Africa

Personal Background

Delbert Orr Africa was born April 2, 1946.  As a young man he joined the Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party.  In 1969 the FBI put forth false warrants on the Chicago BPP leadership, including Delbert.  He and others then fled to Canada.  They struggled to get any financial support while in exile and received support from others in the struggle. Many reports have listed them as carrying out bank expropriations to sustain themselves, which is false.

Move 9

Over many years Philadelphia's power structure earned itself a reputation for brutal treatment of radical and revolutionary Black movements. In 1966 the Philadelphia police, under their notorious chief Frank Rizzo, raided four meeting places of the civil rights organization SNCC, planting dynamite in one of the locations to justify further repression. In 1970 Rizzo's men raided three offices of the Black Panther Party. Many people still remember with anger how Philly police beat the arrested Panthers, then forced them to strip off their clothes and line up naked in public.

William “Phil” Phillips Africa

My name is Phil Africa, I’m from Philadelphia and one of 13 children born to Frank and Maude Phillips. I’m a high school graduate and capable in a number of trades. Altho I’ve been involved in street life since a early age I was never arrested for anything until adult life, not that I was into anything other than growing up poor, in a big family in materialistic, racist 50-60’s America.

As most kids I ran the streets, partied, and played sports in my early teens.

Edward “Eddie” Goodman Africa

On the MOVE! My name is Edward (Goodman) Africa. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in a Christian home by both parents-I’m one of six children. I grew up in the streets of Phila., began drinking at the young age of fourteen and went on to drugs (marijuana, speed, pills, and heroin). All by the age of fifteen. I went to jail for the first time in 1963 at the age of sixteen for “receiving stolen goods.” I got out of jail in 1967, but went back every summer after that. I started looking for something Black as I started to believe that all whites were evil.

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