Michael "Mike" Davis Africa

I am MOVE’s Minister of Confrontation. I was born and raised in West Philly, youngest of eight children, raised in an environment of poverty, gang war, and all the other afflictions of ghetto life. I started drinking at an early age to hang out with the crowd and eventually ventured over to drugs. I joined the Marines at age 16 to try to stem that spiral, but it definitely made things worse. I wasn’t socially conscious about many issues and didn’t really care to be. My whole life basically centered around locatin the next happening party.

Janine Phillips Africa

Janine Africa served as Minister of Education for the MOVE Organization. Her daugher, Life Africa, was killed at three weeks old by the Philadelphia police.  She was later caught in the police raid of the MOVE house where she and eight others were wrongfully convicted of the murder of a police officer who was killed by friendly fire during the raid.  She has served over 30 years in prison despite her innocence.  Learn more about the MOVE 9 and what you can do to help free Janine at MOVE 9 Parole.


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