Facing charges (not incarcerated)

Michael "Rattler" Markus

Rattler has accepted a non-cooperating plea agreement on February 13, 2018 for charges of Civil Disorder and Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Felony Offense.

Under the agreement, the Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Felony Offense charge will be dismissed and prosecutors and defense will jointly recommend a sentence of three years in prison for the Civil Disorder charge, although the judge does have the authority to go as high as 5 years.

Sentencing has been set for August 6, 2018, at 10 AM in Bismarck federal court before Chief Judge Daniel Hovland.

Juan "Nahuel" Manuel Bustamante

As the only arrestee from Operation Ice who was denied bail, Nahuel is still in jail and coping with a tough prison regime designed for hardcore terrorists. He has been moved five times and denied bail almost as many. When the trial finally comes up, the students will stand in the dock on four terrorism charges that could see them put behind bars for 35 years.

Waiting trial, released in march, 2017. http://www.nodo50.org/cna/?p=4823

Lukáš Borl

On Sunday, September 4th, police arrested Lukáš, an anarchist who has lived in underground for about a year, due to previous intense surveillance. He was released pre-trial on bail in April 2017. He is still facing several charges (up to 15 years). The trial hasnt started, and it is obvious that the police will be trying to include more people because a crime of an individual can't be considered terrorism. On June 9th, 4 anarchists were accused of 16 crimes within the FENIX 2.


Sergi Hernandez

Sergi Hernandez was arrested during a protest in Barcelona against a concert organized by the extreme right-wing National Democracy party on October 12, 2011. He and several other antifascists were charged in connection with the beating of Alejandro Fernandez, a promoter of the Barcelona fascist social center Casal Tramuntana, who attended the concert.

Lauri Love

Lauri Love is an activist and alleged hacker from Stradishall, England, under arrest and facing potential extradition to the U.S. on charges of hacking into governmental agencies including the US Army, NASA and the Federal Reserve, among others. The accusations against Love are that he was part of a wider activist network of hackers engaged as part of a protest against the treatment of Aaron Swartz, a programmer renowned for helping develop the social network Reddit. If found guilty of the charges, Love faces up to 99 years in prison and $9 million (£7 million) in fines.

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